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The Larrabee Center for Facial Plastic Surgery
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Don’t Just Burn the Fat—Freeze it Away with CoolSculpting®

In Seattle, we are no strangers to exercise and healthy living. Even when the rain is pouring outside and the sun is nowhere to be found, you can always find someone biking or going out for a jog—we were even once named the “Most Active City in America” by Men’s Health magazine. However, one of the unfortunate facts of life is that body fat does not always care about how much you exercise and make healthy decisions—sometimes it just won’t go away no matter what you try. For healthy men and women who are struggling to lose those last 10 pounds on their way to their ideal figure, there is now a non-surgical fat freezing procedure in Seattle: CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is a way to supplement your healthy lifestyle, giving you the extra boost you need to see those abs begin to pop and your dream silhouette take shape. Imagine finally being able to rid yourself of that belly, those love handles, or some of the persistent fat around your thighs.

Diet and exercise are essential to maintaining good health, but even the best practices won’t always be enough to provide you with your desired body shape. Some of us are simply predisposed to carrying stubborn fat in certain areas, and age, a slowing metabolism and long office hours all play against our goals.

Men and women who come to the Larrabee Center for CoolSculpting leave excited to begin seeing results and are encouraged to continue working hard to get the most from their treatment. Whether you want to feel more confident in a bathing suit on Alki beach, or you just want to feel more comfortable in your favorite clothes, CoolSculpting can help you achieve your ideal body without the need for surgery.

Take the next step toward a slimmer, healthier looking figure. Contact the Larrabee Center today to schedule your CoolSculpting consultation with one of our Seattle plastic surgeons.



Important Notice

Our Aesthetic Center is set for a soft reopening Monday, May 18th! 

We are thrilled to announce the soft opening of our aesthetic center on May 18th, 2020 in compliance with Governor Jay Inslee’s proclamation (20-05-20-24) of elective cosmetic medical procedures being restricted up until this date. We will not be resuming full activity of The Larrabee Center right away. 

Suite 385 Covid-19 Updates:

 Below you will find actions we have taken to ensure that you are protected and that we maintain Suite 385 as a Non-Covid Care (NCC) Zone:

Please be advised with the soft opening, our hours, providers, appointment availability and staff will be reduced to avoid unnecessary exposure. We fully understand that this will result in some inconvenience in the short term, but it is essential we do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our patient, and our staff.

We ask that if you are calling to reschedule an appointment from March, April, or early May, please be patient until our front desk coordinators reach out to you as we have limited staff working diligently for reopening and the phone lines are overwhelmed with calls.

Washington State Department of Health (DOH), World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) share information about COVID-19 at:


The health and well-being of our patients and staff are so important to us. Our providers and support staff appreciate all your love and support for them during this time. We thank you and look forward to seeing you soon! 

Please reach out with any additional questions! Call or text us at 206-386-3550 or email info@larrabeecenter.com

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