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Aging is a continuum and to counter it, we may start off with botox or fillers, but eventually work up the ladder to the pinnacle- a facelift. As a surgeon, I can tell you from firsthand experience what a facelift is and how it is done. You actually tighten the deeper layer of the face, resuspend the facial muscles, and excise excess skin. Fillers create support but they do not ‘tighten.’  So what do I say to a patient that has been getting filler for years, that should probably get a facelift, but is not ready to take the plunge? Profound RF.

Profound RF is a combination therapy of microneedling and energy.  Vogue has already named microneedling as the next big thing in skincare; by coupling energy to microneedles, you get a better bang for your buck, and that is exactly what Profound RF does. This radiofrequency technology has 5 pairs of microneedles, which are insulated up until the distal portion. The insulation protects the superficial skin (epidermis) from burns and allows the energy to be concentrated and focused to the layer that needs it the most- the deep dermis. Profound RF uses a very precise and exact science, with respect to the depth of insertion of the microneedles, temperature, and time that the energy is delivered. At these specific settings, the existing collagen is reorganized, and unlike all other technologies- new ELASTIN and HYALURONIC ACID are formed. What does this translate to for you as a patient? Elastin, as the name suggests, brings back the natural recoil of the skin! It truly gives you a lift, not to the same extent as a surgical facelift but for less cost, less downtime, and no general anesthesia- you go through a 1.5 hour procedure and turn back the clock about 5 years!

According to the company, this technology has a 100% response rate! Even on RealSelf, it is one of the few treatments with a 100% worth it rating! Just for comparison, Botox’s worth it rating is 94%! These should be taken with a grain of salt as it is a newer technology and unlike the other treatments, there are less than 50 reviews. However, our results are in and the we see the lift. Most patients have minimal bruising and swelling that resolves on days 5-7 after the procedure. Results can be seen as early as a month but for most, expect to wait 3-6 months to see the full effects!

As another bonus, the handpiece also has a subcutaneous cartridge that can dissolve fat and has shown significant improvement in those who have cellulite. It can be used in combination with the dermal cartridge allowing for one stop shop to both dissolve the fat, tighten the existing skin, and create a lift- all in one visit.

Come in today for a complimentary consultation with myself or one of our aestheticians to see if this therapy is right for you!

Dr. Sapna Patel

Otolaryngology & Facial Plastic Surgeon


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