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Some of the key features to an ideal nose structure are balance, symmetry, and shape. Rhinoplasty (or nose reshaping surgery) can help you accomplish these desired features.

Rhinoplasty in Seattle, WA

Is Rhinoplasty Right for You?

Shape. Balance. Symmetry. These are the key features of an aesthetically ideal nose. Nose reshaping surgery can help you accomplish all three by correcting a variety of conditions, including:

  • Nasal hump
  • Unwanted size
  • Nasal width
  • Crookedness
  • Nostril size and shape
  • Bulbous tip

In addition to correcting any of the above conditions, rhinoplasty may also be used to correct a nose that’s been damaged by trauma, as well as bad results from a previous procedure.

Knowing the Details of Nose Surgery

All cosmetic procedures involve bringing the patient’s aesthetic goals to life, but rhinoplasty in particular requires a delicate sense of artistry on the part of the facial plastic surgeon.

When you come in for a private consultation with Seattle’s best plastic surgeons, Dr. Larrabee , you’ll get to talk about your goals for the procedure in detail and learn about our long history of helping patients realize facial harmony throug creating a well-proportioned and natural-looking nose that draws attention to the eyes, mouth, and cheeks. Of course, your rhinoplasty procedure will also take the functionality of the nose into account— the goal is to maintain and even enhance breathing function and smell in some special cases.

During the procedure, Dr. Larrabee  will then reshape the bones and cartilaginous framework of the nose to yield a cosmetically pleasing nose with clean lines.

Dr. Larrabee have performed many rhinoplasty procedures on patients of all ethnic backgrounds around the globe, from Latin America to Europe and Asia. Dr. Larrabee has directed major courses in rhinoplasty as well as lectured and written widely on his technique.

After the procedure, temporary splints will help protect your nose and give it support while it heals. While you’ll need to rest at home for a period of days, the majority of the swelling will recede in approximately two weeks, at which point you’ll be able to go back to your normal daily schedule.

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