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The Surgeon’s Art

Artistry is central to the specialty of facial plastic surgery. The surgeon must first visualize the patient’s desired outcome and then create it. Most surgical training is directed towards the scientific craft of facial plastic surgery, but its art is equally important. We believe the study and practice of the arts train the mind to concentrate and really “see” more deeply. The selection of photography and poetry below demonstrate those connections to the arts through paths taken and new directions explored.


Dr. Larrabee trained at Charity Hospital, New Orleans. A poem he wrote was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) after the hospital was closed because of Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Larrabee’s poem “Charity Hospital, New Orleans” describes the experience of training there.  A signed copy is presented at graduation to select surgical residents from Tulane Medical School. Click here to read the poem.

Two more poems published in the Lancet were written during Face to Face missions to aid victims of the war in former Yugoslavia. “Dubrovnik” was written by Dr. Larrabee and given to a friend after experiencing the peace and calm in that area. It has since been published in the Lancet. Click here to read the Poem.

The poem “American Voices” was written for some of the women Dr. Larrabee treated in the Face to Face Domestic Violence program. It was published in The Lancet.  Denise Levertov was Dr. Larrabee’s friend and mentor. Dr Larrabee’s son Gregory had reflux esophagitis, sometimes called colic, which he outgrew but not before inspiring this Lancet poem.

Dr Larrabee came of age in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah.  The Lancet poem “On the Road” remembers that mental geography.

Most of the poems in Dr. Larrabee’s Chapter book, Racing the Train, have been published in well known, and some not-so-well-known, literary journals.  The cover design is by his son Shane, who was then in high school.

Dr. Larrabee was inspired at Christmas in 2014 to write this poem. Click here to read the poem.

While at Camp Orkila in Eastsound, WA, Dr. Larrabee was inspired to write this poem. Click here to read his poem on Camp Orkila.

Dr. Larrabee wrote another Christmas poem in 2015. Click here to read the full poem.

In 2008, Dr. Larrabee donated a series of photographs to the Swedish Medical Center Foundation. Click here to read the SMCF’s letter of thanks to Dr. Larrabee.


Dr. Larrabee’s book Roslyn is both a history and a photographic celebration of a small town in Washington – best known as the site of the television show Northern Exposure.  Professional photographer, Robert Adams, called the book “just right.”

The Gobi Desert/China and Lanahou Hospital were cover photographs on the Archives of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and the Archives of Pediatrics.  Both were taken on Smile China cleft lip palate missions.

This Chicago River photograph was taken on a break during a meeting of the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery.

This cover photograph from the Archives of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery is a sunset over the Adriatic Sea taken during a Face to Face mission to Croatia.

Many of Dr. Larrabee’s published photos are from his travels to Latin America as a public health physician.

For years, Dr. Larrabee traveled to Alaska to consult with patients and to experience this land.


Dr. Larrabee donated a series of photos to the Swedish Medical Center. One of the donated photos of scenic Kirkland, WA, shown below, was featured on the cover of a medical journal.

Mail0001 (1) Scan10001 Scan10006 Rome fountain Scan10008 Scan10002 Scan10007 kirkland photo by Dr. LarrabeePeru On the Road from  The Lancet Oban, Scotland MLK Spindrift London Station Lancet Poem Balkan Wars Lakeview Cemetary Spindrift Lake Union Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Lake Atitalan, GuatemalaIsle of Skye Spindrift Guatemala City Gregory Teanaway French church Face to Face British Museum Dubrovnic during Balkan Wars Lancet Poem Youth and Age New York Wayne F. Larrabee  Morning Flight Alaska in Spindrift The Troll, Fremont Neighbood, Seattle The Intereurban Spindrift Stonehedge Spindrift Photo Silence (France) Sascha Sascha Bristlecone San Juan Islands- Kai Reflux  Gregory Lancet Poem Racing the Train West Wind Review