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The brow lift surgery also known as a forehead lift works to strengthen the facial tissues underneath sagging eye skin. Some common factors causing wrinkles and lines in the brow are stress, muscle contraction, and age.

Because the forehead and eyebrows are so expressive, the skin and tissue in the brow region are often the first to display signs of aging. Wrinkles and lines along the forehead and between the eyes start to deepen quickly, even while we’re still relatively young. Then, beginning in our thirties, the skin starts to lose its elasticity, resulting in sagging or drooping-one result of which is what’s known as “hooding” around the upper eyelids. These areas of lax, excess skin add up and can make the face look tired, sad, or even irritated.

Is a Cosmetic Eyebrow Lift Right for You?

When you come to our Seattle Surgery Center for your consultation with Dr. Larrabee, you may discuss performing your brow lift in conjunction with other facial procedures that specifically address the loss of skin elasticity, including:

Quite often, the brow lift ends up being just one component of a facial procedures package that brings patients total facial rejuvenation.

What Conditions Does a Brow Lift Treat?

The brow lift procedure doesn’t just restore a more youthful brow position, it can also reduce or eliminate some of the most common wrinkles that occur on the upper area of the face. By lifting and tightening the skin over the eyes, the brow lift can smooth away the horizontal creases on your forehead, the vertical lines between your eyebrows, and even the horizontal lines on the bridge of the nose.

What Are the Benefits of a Brow Lift?

You deserve to love what you see when you observe your reflection. The brow lift alters the position of the brows above your eyes and, in so doing, can restore a friendlier, happier, more approachable appearance. Improving the brow position, in this procedure can result in a more open expression; eyes that look more awake and lively. Crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes are diminished or gone, and this all occurs with a minimally invasive approach!

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Who is a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

The best surgical candidates, regardless of the procedure, are in good general health. For your brow lift to be done as safely as possible with the fewest risks of complications, you mustn’t smoke. Most often, brow lifts are performed on adults aged forty and above. However, the procedure can also be beneficial for younger adults who are genetically predisposed to a heavy brow. During your consultation for surgery, it is important to be candid about your health history, lifestyle, and expectations.

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What Are My Treatment Options?

Heavy or low-lying brows can be addressed in a few different ways. The benefit of the brow lift is that the results are more dramatic and can last many years, if not indefinitely. With age, the tissue that supports your facial structure will decline in firmness and overall strength. However, the effects of your brow lift may endure satisfyingly.

If you would like to improve the contour and height of your brow line but are not ready for surgery, you might consider receiving Botox® or Dysport® injections. This treatment can achieve a subtle lift by relaxing the muscles on your forehead that are pulling or pushing the brows downward. The effects of neuromodulator injections last an average of three to four months. Repeat treatments can occur as often as every 90 days. Another non-surgical option for lifting a descending brow is the Sofwave™ procedure. This ultrasound skin-tightening technology, cleared for lifting the brows, works via prolonged collagen remodeling. The results of treatment occur gradually after the 30 to 45-minute procedure and can last years.

How Does the Brow Lift Procedure Work?

The surgical brow lift works by lifting the skin and underlying tissue, including the muscle, to restore the brows to a more youthful height. This is somewhere right along or near the upper orbital rim. The tissue is secured into this new position and excess is trimmed, resulting in smoother, tighter, more attractive contours around the eyes.

What is the Recovery Process Like for a Brow Lift?

After a brow lift, it is common to experience mild to moderate bruising and swelling. These side effects can extend across the upper and lower eyelids. They tend to peak on day two or three of recovery and gradually subside from there. Discomfort around the surgical site can be managed by taking your prescription painkillers as directed. It is rare to have severe pain after a brow lift. The medication prescribed to you should successfully alleviate soreness and tenderness.

To support your recovery process well, you must follow your post-operative instructions that discuss how to care for your incisions and how much activity you can engage in. For a day or two, you may need more sleep than normal and may still feel relatively fatigued. Don’t rush to do more than your body can tolerate. Doing so can ultimately prolong your healing process. Do not smoke or consume alcohol during your surgical recovery. These habits can impair tissue recovery and increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. Until you are cleared to do so, do not engage in strenuous activity. Too much of an elevation of your heart rate can exacerbate surgical side effects. If questions arise during your brow lift recovery, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Recovering from your brow lift surgery will not be overly troublesome. Of course, you’ll need to take it easy for roughly the first week following your procedure, but you should be back to your normal daily work (provided it’s not too physical) in around 10 days. After your bandages are removed, you can shower or bathe as you normally do. For the first few weeks, you’ll need to keep things like cardio and heavy chores to a minimum. In just a few quick weeks, signs of the procedure will have slipped away, leaving you feeling and looking youthful and fresh.

Brow Lift – Before & After

 before after View More Before & After Photos

Every patient is an individual with specific needs based on his or her problem areas and specific characteristics, such as their hairline. Top Seattle facial plastic surgeon Dr. Larrabee, in his book The Art and Craft of Facial Rejuvenation, describes how he tailors his recommendations from a minimal brow lift to a more extended endoscopic forehead lift.

Regain a Youthful Flair with an Eyebrow Lift

By working to refine and strengthen the facial tissues beneath drooping skin, the brow lifts not only restores the brows to a youthful position but also tighten and improves lines and wrinkles.

The brow lift procedure is best suited for individuals between 40 and 60 years old – typically the time frame when the laxity in the skin and underlying tissues begins to show its effects. The brow lift can also be of great service to younger women and men who suffer from deep lines in the brow as a result of involuntary muscle contractions or prolonged stress.

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