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CoolTone, manufactured by Allergan, the renowned maker of CoolSculpting, represents a groundbreaking muscle-toning device that aids patients in achieving tighter, firmer, and more sculpted physiques. This cutting-edge technology received FDA approval in June 2019. =

The Larrabee Center for Plastic Surgery in Seattle, WA takes immense pride in our leadership in cosmetic techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. Our commitment to this tradition is evident as we are the first practice in Seattle to offer CoolTone. Led by Dr. Wayne Larrabee also Dr. Susan Kurian, an experienced and award-winning physician, along with our dedicated aesthetic team, we are here to help you achieve your dream body. With CoolTone, we can assist you in developing a more defined, muscular physique. 

What Is CoolTone? 

CoolTone is an FDA-cleared technology for body sculpting and toning. It uses powerful electromagnets to induce involuntary muscle contractions, which can increase muscle tone in treated areas. CoolTone is a non-invasive and safe procedure that can provide fast, visible results with little downtime.

This revolutionary technology can target problem areas like the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. At Larrabee Center, our highly trained staff are experts in the latest body contouring and sculpting technologies like CoolTone. We offer these treatments as part of our comprehensive range of cosmetic services designed to help you achieve your aesthetic goals safely and effectively. 

How Does CoolTone Work?

CoolTone technology uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to penetrate deep into the muscle fibers to strengthen, tone, and firm them. MMS creates an intense electromagnetic pulse that causes muscle contraction. This process stimulates the muscles to become firmer while providing a toning effect for better definition. In addition, CoolTone is designed with adjustable intensity levels, allowing patients to tailor treatments to their specific needs. With CoolTone, it is possible to achieve visible results with just one session, making it an ideal option for those looking for a fast and effective way to improve their body shape.  

Benefits of CoolTone 

CoolTone is a revolutionary new muscle-toning device that offers numerous benefits to those wanting to gain muscle definition and improve overall physical shape. This non-invasive treatment uses powerful magnetic fields to stimulate and strengthen muscle fibers deep within the body. A single treatment session can help users achieve up to 30% more muscle than without CoolTone, allowing them to reach desired results without downtime or side effects.

Additionally, CoolTone stimulates the production of metabolism-boosting hormones, burning more calories and reducing fat deposits. Recovery time is rapid; you can go back to your normal activities right away. The convenience of CoolTone makes it possible for people who don’t have time for long exercise sessions or dieting plans to achieve results in a short amount of time. This revolutionary technology makes it easy for anyone to obtain a toned, fit physique. 

Why Choose CoolTone? 

CoolTone is an advanced muscle-stimulating treatment designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. It is a non-invasive procedure that can improve muscle tone while reducing fat in the treated areas. CoolTone uses high-powered magnetic pulses to stimulate muscles, causing them to contract and relax repeatedly. This increases muscle mass and tone, even in areas that are difficult to target with exercise alone. With CoolTone, you can achieve a toned, sculpted physique without invasive surgery or lengthy recovery times. 

How Does The Procedure Feel? When Will the Results Show?

A CoolTone procedure feels like an intense, pulsating sensation. Clients typically feel some muscle fatigue after the treatment as if they had completed a workout. Results may start to show in as little as 2-4 weeks with optimal results seen after 3 months. 

Potential Risks and Complications of CoolTone Procedure 

Some potential complications of CoolTone might include discomfort, muscle soreness, or redness at the treatment site. In rare cases, patients may experience more side effects, such as bruising and swelling. 

What To Expect Before a CoolTone Procedure 

Before the procedure, clients are offered a consultation with our experienced experts. We will design and craft a personalized assessment plan tailored exclusively to your unique requirements. Our highly skilled professionals will create a plan that aligns with your objectives and exceeds your expectations. 

What To Expect During a CoolTone Procedure 

During the procedure, electromagnetic technology is used to stimulate the muscles, which can result in a firmer, more toned appearance. Patients will feel a tingling sensation during treatment but should not experience any discomfort. The procedure typically lasts between 30-45 minutes. 

What To Expect After a CoolTone Procedure 

You may experience some temporary muscle soreness in the areas that were treated. This is normal and typically only lasts a few days. Many patients report seeing noticeable results just a few weeks after their treatment. The results of a CoolTone procedure are longlasting – so you can enjoy the benefits of a more toned, sculpted physique for months to come.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary areas of the body treated with CoolTone? 

CoolTone helps strengthen, tone, and firm the muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

What are the key differences between CoolTone and CoolSculpting? 

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat removal treatment that utilizes cryolipolysis to eliminate unwanted fat deposits. This process freezes and destroys fat cells, allowing the body to naturally filter them out through the lymphatic system, producing results similar to liposuction. 

To complement the effects of CoolSculpting, CoolTone can enhance muscle tone and size. The visibility of CoolTone results is more pronounced with lower body fat. In addition, CoolTone can independently reduce body fat as increased muscle mass promotes fat burning. 

What results can I expect from CoolTone treatments? 

The results of CoolTone treatment will become apparent immediately and demonstrate further improvement over subsequent weeks. CoolTone results are akin to muscular gains achieved through exercise and resistance training.  

How many CoolTone sessions are typically required to see results?

Typically, it is recommended to have 4-6 CoolTone sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart to see results. 

Is CoolTone a non-invasive procedure? 

CoolTone employs a specially designed device utilizing magnetic muscle stimulation to target specific muscle groups. It is a non-invasive procedure that eliminates the need for incisions, downtime, or a recovery period. 

Is CoolTone painful? 

Patients often describe this painless procedure as a gentle tapping or vibration, similar to muscles contracting.  

What is the recommended maintenance schedule for CoolTone? 

It is recommended to schedule follow-up treatments every three to six months to maintain your results and keep your muscles toned and sculpted.  

Are there any potential side effects or risks associated with CoolTone? 

Some patients may experience mild discomfort or soreness in the treatment area immediately following the procedure. 

How long does each CoolTone session typically last?

Each CoolTone session typically lasts around 30-45 minutes, depending on the area treated. 

Is there any downtime after a CoolTone treatment? 

There is no downtime after a CoolTone procedure. You may experience some soreness and redness for up to 24 hours after treatment. 

Who is a suitable candidate for CoolTone? 

Optimal candidates in Seattle for CoolTone exhibit good overall health, follow a nutritious diet, engage in regular physical activity, and maintain a low body fat percentage.

It’s important to note that CoolTone is not intended as a weight-loss procedure, nor should it be considered a replacement for a well-balanced diet and consistent exercise routine. CoolTone can complement your fitness journey and offer additional aesthetic advantages to the active lifestyle modifications you have already implemented. 

How much does CoolTone cost on average? 

Cost varies depending on the treatment area, extent of treatment, and number of sessions needed for optimal results. 

Are the results of CoolTone permanent? 

The noticeable impact of your results will be immediate and will progressively improve over several weeks. By adhering to a balanced diet and consistent exercise routine, the potential for permanence is achievable. 

Similar to the muscle mass developed through exercise and weight training, your CoolTone results will persist and potentially enhance with continuous effort. However, without regular maintenance, the effects of the treatment may diminish after several months. 

Can CoolTone be used to treat specific muscle groups? 

CoolTone can indeed be used to treat specific muscle groups. Whether you want to sculpt your abs, firm up your biceps, or lift your glutes, CoolTone can help you achieve your goals. It targets isolated areas of the body to improve definition and contouring. 

Is there any special preparation required before a CoolTone session? 

To ensure optimal muscle performance during the session, it is recommended that you stay properly hydrated in the days leading up to your appointment. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid engaging in physical activities that may cause muscle soreness for at least 24 hours before your appointment. 

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