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Over two decades, Larrabee Center has become an internationally recognized center for aesthetic surgery and complementary procedures. Our core strength is the quality of our staff, who all share a passion for excellence. We opened our Aesthetic Center in 2010 to provide the most advanced rejuvenation techniques and products for our patients.

3 Things You Should Know About…

In my twenties, my biggest forays into skincare had been testing vitamin C serums and buying a jade roller, so booking my first in-office treatment was a big step. But with my 30th birthday approaching, I wanted to start the next year feeling and looking refreshed. Plus, I’d be celebrating in Las Vegas with family and friends, so I wanted my skin to be camera-ready for the inevitable photos.

Aesthetic Team

The Aesthetic Center staff offers the most advanced non-surgical products and procedures for your individual facial rejuvenation. We believe “information is powerful in helping us make the best … Continue reading


Click on the links below to read scholarly articles written by Dr. Larrabee. The Art of the Smile Humans have the most complex array of facial musculature in all the animal kingdoms, and correspondingly the most elaborate and subtle mechanisms for controlling those muscles. The facial expression has evolved as one of our most important socials… Continue reading


Pacific Northwest Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully-accredited Medicare, freestanding ambulatory surgical center within the Larrabee Center. Our 3,200-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility features its own surgical unit and recovery room. Our knowledge and experience – in combination with our most advanced, cutting-edge equipment – allow us to provide the highest quality care available. Surgery Center … Continue reading

In The Media

Dr. Larrabee has been most recognized for his surgical skills and innovative techniques. His three surgical books for surgeons have been widely used and are currently going into new and updated editions. Surgical Anatomy of the Face describes the scientific basis for much of his aging face and rhinoplasty surgery. Principles of Facial Reconstruction is … Continue reading


Facial Plastic Surgery Innovations At Larrabee Center for cosmetic surgery, we’re improving our specialty all the time by supporting new research, authoring articles and texts, and developing new and innovative surgical techniques. Our latest publications include Analysis of the Upper Face and Selection of Rejuvenation Techniques, an article in press in the Facial Plastic Surgery.

Our Fellowship

Dr. Larrabee believes training the next generation is a core mission of our Center.  The obligation to teach those who will care for patients in the future has been recognized since Hippocrates.  Dr. Larrabee directed the University of Washington Fellowship in facial plastic surgery for over 30 years.  The fellows have already completed their residency training and work as …Continue reading

Our Vision, by Dr. Wayne Larra…

Plastic Surgery in Asian Patie…

Seattle is a gateway to the Pacific and the Asian Rim countries.  As a facial plastic surgeon, I have worked extensively in Asia performing surgery and on broader educational programs.  In recent years, I have lectured in Hong Kong and mainland China plus performed surgical procedures such as facelifts and cleft lip palate repairs in … Continue reading

Seattle’s Best Facial Plastic …

Wayne F. Larrabee, Jr., MD, MSH, FACS Award-winning physician, considered one of the best in his field in Seattle, WA, and in America, professor, poet, photographer, and humanitarian – Dr. Wayne Larrabee is founder of the Larrabee Center. Wayne F Larrabee, Jr, MD, MSH, FACS is widely recognized as one of the top facial plastic … Continue reading

Surgical Team

Providing you with the best options and optimal outcomes requires a talented team with broad skills. From the front office staff to our nurses, aestheticians, and operating room staff, to our committed manager, we are proud of our Larrabee Center community. Our surgical center staff are experienced and dedicated to providing a safe, confidential, … Continue reading 

The Beauty of Experience

The procedures we perform in facial plastic surgery require both art and craft. Experience benefits our patients and helps us improve both our technical skills and artistic judgment. Extensive science is behind the “10,000-hour rule” that it takes that amount of practice to become an expert in a given skill. This practice, however, must be … Continue reading

The Larrabee Center Celebrates…

On this Veteran’s Day, we are proud to recognize the military fellows we have trained over the years. We have had especially close relationships with Madigan and Tripler over the decades and have taught residents at both hospitals. Dr. Larrabee trained at Letterman General Hospital in San Francisco and then was Chief of Civic Action … Continue reading 

The Surgeon’s Art

Artistry is central to the specialty of facial plastic surgery. The surgeon must first visualize the patient’s desired outcome and then create it. Most surgical training is directed toward the scientific craft of facial plastic surgery, but its art is equally important. We believe the study and practice of the arts train the mind to … Continue reading

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