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At the Larrabee Center in Seattle, WA we employ the Halo laser by Sciton, the only hybrid fractional laser of its kind. After just one treatment, the skin appears brighter and more luminous. With its innovative, award-winning technology, this dual laser can effectively target various cosmetic issues.

It combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths, allowing it to reach both the deep and superficial layers of the skin simultaneously. It is ideal for addressing texture and tone issues, reducing wrinkles by producing collagen, minimizing pores, and providing a “halo glow”.  

Also, it is highly effective in improving or eliminating sun spots, age spots, and other discolorations. Acne sufferers will see a visible improvement in the pigmentation and indentations of their scarring. The Halo laser is suitable for the face, neck, and other parts of the body; the results are truly amazing! 

Halo vs Other Fractional Lasers

The Halo laser is an excellent choice for individuals with both light and dark skin tones due to its advanced hybrid technology. This is the only laser to combine ablative and non-ablative wavelengths, which allows its energy to spread consistently between the dermis and epidermis, reducing the risk of discoloration. Furthermore, it can be tailored to a person’s skin tone through its adjustable settings, providing an unbeatable level of customization.

How Does Halo Work?

The Sciton Halo uses a dual-wavelength laser to gently heat the skin, stimulating cellular regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of the skin. Stimulating these substances can help improve the appearance of many cosmetic imperfections and rejuvenate and restore the skin to its youthful state. Over time, you will observe a more radiant, healthy complexion. 

Benefits of Halo

The Halo laser can create amazing results in a single session! You may notice your skin becoming tighter, with fewer wrinkles, less discoloration, and smaller pores with a reduction in acne scarring. It is a non-invasive procedure that requires only a topical anesthetic, and you can typically go back to your usual daily activities within 24 hours of the procedure. 

What Can Halo Treat?

The Halo laser effectively treats a wide variety of skin conditions, such as wrinkles, acne scarring, discoloration, large pores, age spots, sun spots, lax skin, and other uneven skin tones and textures. It is adjustable and suitable for all skin types and colors, making it safe and effective for all skin tones.

How does the procedure feel? When Will the Results Show?

You might experience a slight prickling sensation when the laser energy makes contact with your skin. The “Halo Glow” will become visible in the coming 1 to 2 weeks, and this glowing effect is achieved due to the stimulation of hyaluronic acid along with enhanced light reflectivity of the skin. The improvements will carry on for the next three months and beyond.

What Procedures Go Well With Halo?

The Halo laser can be used in conjunction with other treatments to achieve superior results. Some of these treatments are Forever Young BBL and Microdermabrasion. Forever Young BBL is an excellent option to work synergistically with the Halo laser to address sun damage and other discolorations. The Moxi laser can correct uneven pigmentation and enhance overall skin tone.

The software uses ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production, which leads to tighter skin. Microdermabrasion can be combined with the Halo laser to treat active acne, acne scars, skin texture, and wrinkles. The Larrabee Center in Seattle can provide the best treatment options for optimal results.

What To Expect Before A Halo Procedure

Prior to treatment, we may start you on a specific skin care regimen designed to increase your overall outcome. Our professional and skilled practitioners in Seattle will create a specifically tailored plan to make sure you get the outcome you desire.

What To Expect During A Halo Procedure

To begin the Halo Laser treatment, a topical anesthetic will be applied to minimize discomfort. Approximately an hour after the anesthetic has taken effect, you will be given protective eyewear. The laser will then be activated, and the hand-held device will be rolled over the area in sections.

During this time, laser energy composed of both non-ablative and ablative components will be released in quick bursts. You may sense a prickling sensation, but this is normal and manageable.

The laser device also has a built-in cooling system that blows cool air onto the face to cool the skin and reduce swelling for the duration of the treatment. When it is finished, a moisturizer may be applied to your skin.

What To Expect After A Halo Procedure

Following the initial few days after your treatment, which may be longer if the process is more intense, you may observe a skin redness that resembles a sunburn. As the dead skin cells ascend to the top layer of your skin, you may see small, dark dots.

Additionally, your skin may have a minor peeling and a rough texture, similar to sandpaper, for up to three days, with swelling in particular areas, such as the upper cheeks and below the eyes. Within a span of two weeks, the redness and dark spots should have disappeared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I A Good Candidate For Halo?

Suppose your complexion has been affected by conditions such as discoloration, wrinkles, sun damage, large pores, deeply etched facial wrinkles, dark patches, and superficial scarring. In that case, you are an ideal candidate for the Halo laser treatment at the Larrabee Center in Seattle.

How Long Do Results Last?

By adhering to a consistent skincare routine, the effects of a Halo treatment are long-lasting, usually lasting as long as several years.

How Much Does Halo Cost?

The cost of the procedure is contingent upon the number of sessions required, how extensive the treatment is, and the areas being treated.

Is The Halo Procedure Painful?

Applying an anesthetic cream to the treated area will reduce any discomfort you may experience. There may be a slight pinch when the laser energy is applied to your skin, but generally, the process is not painful.

What Are The Potential Risks And Side Effects Of Halo?

The Halo procedure is noninvasive, and risks and side effects are minimal and rare. You may experience some flaking, puffiness, peeling, and itching – these reactions show that the treatment was successful, proving that your skin is undergoing the normal healing process.

How Many Halo Sessions Will I Need?

After the initial session, you will notice a difference in your appearance almost immediately, and the effects will become even more pronounced over several weeks. Depending on the depth of your skin health, you can achieve remarkable results with only one or two Halo treatments.

Is There Any Downtime After My Halo Treatment?

Recovery is typically four to seven days during which the treated areas may have some swelling and resemble mild to moderate sunburn. Downtime depends on your willingness to go about your regular activities with mild redness and swelling.

Are The Results Of Halo Permanent?

The positive cosmetic results of Halo treatment can last for several years. You can preserve your youthful radiance provided you take care of your skin and stick to a dependable skincare routine.

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