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The Larrabee Center for Facial Plastic Surgery
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Seattle Skin and Laser Resurfacing

Skin and laser resurfacing is a process that works well for those who have wrinkles, pigmentation, and/or other signs of aged skin. The recovery period for this treatment is roughly ten days, and the results are excellent.

The doctor performs laser resurfacing with the Lumenis Coherent CO2 Ultrapulse laser. As an industry leader in laser resurfacing, the doctor has been involved in research and teaching during the development and evolution of this technology. Her extensive hands-on experience gives her the perspective to maximize results and prevent complications. Larrabee Center has both the more superficial Active FX laser resurfacing and also the Deep FX laser resurfacing. These are used either separately or combined to give the best, most individualized results. Because the laser places small “dots” of laser and leaves normal skin between, the complication rate is extremely low.

Laser resurfacing is effective for both the pigmentary and other signs of photoaged skin as well as the wrinkles (rhytids) that develop over time. Not every wrinkle can be removed, but overall results are consistently excellent. Pretreatment of the skin results in a very low rate of pigmentary complications and improved outcomes.

The healing period is about ten days and makeup can be used as soon as basic healing is complete. Laser resurfacing is often combined with other surgical procedures, Botox or Dysport, and injectable fillers for optimal results.

For some patients, chemical peels or dermabrasion are recommended as resurfacing procedures in specific situations. They can also provide good results and can be performed without anesthesia in many cases.

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Important Notice

We fully recognize the growing concern and impact of COVID-19 on our workforces and communities. We have spent time gaining knowledge and monitoring this fluid situation on a daily basis, and are putting all efforts forth to protect our patients, employees, and community. In keeping with our mission, The Larrabee Center is recognizing the following initiatives in light of information provided by the CDC and state government.

In an effort to reduce the spread of the virus, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close the surgery and aesthetics center tentatively into May. This preventative measure aims to further our commitment to public health and social responsibility. Please text 206-386-3550 or email info@larrabeecenter.com for appointment inquiries.