Eliminate the double chin with Kybella injections

A woman has skincare on her neck.When patients think of cosmetic surgeries and treatments, breast augmentation and liposuction often come to mind. But there are other areas of the body that can be improved with surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic solutions. This includes the double chin. According to the ASDS (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery), approximately 70% of men and women are unhappy with the presence of subcutaneous fat that rests underneath the chin and jawline. This excess fat, known as the double chin, can develop regardless of age, genetics, diet, and activity levels. In the past, liposuction was the only way to remove this excess fat, but now, thanks to continued advances in the area of medical aesthetics, there is another way to reduce submental fullness: Kybella injections.

What is Kybella?

Patients who hear about Kybella may think that injections to break down unwanted fat underneath the chin may sound too good to be true. Using deoxycholic acid, Kybella injections are administered into the submental fullness under the chin and jaw. The deoxycholic acid dissolves the excess fat in this area, which then allows the body to naturally remove the fat cells for a noticeable reduction in the double chin. This eliminates the need for any type of surgical intervention, reducing one’s risk of complications, including infection.

Is Kybella safe?

Kybella was approved by the FDA in 2015 and continues to be used in dermatology and plastic surgery practices throughout the United States. It is proven to work on breaking down excess fat that creates submental fullness, and is strictly used for cosmetic purposes. The primary ingredient in the injectable is naturally found in the body and already works at breaking down fat. By injecting it where it is needed, such as the chin and neck area, it can reduce the appearance of the dreaded double chin that affects many adult men and women.

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