Global Surgical Outreach- Looking Forward to 2018

The primary mission of Global Surgical Outreach is to reduce the global burden of surgical disease through education, the development of medical infrastructure, and the provision of pro bono facial reconstructive surgery both in the US and the less developed world for adults and children.

We provide specialized treatment for patients who were born with cleft lip palate deformities, those who have suffered injury from war, and those affected by other forms of violence including domestic violence. We believe we can best accomplish our mission by developing innovative approaches and partnering with other organizations when there is synergy.

Projects for 2018 include-

    1. Teaching a reconstructive surgery course and providing reconstructive surgery at the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This is a partnership with Seattle Anesthesia Outreach.
    2. Support the development of a hospital for training in West Africa in partnership with the Foundation for Special Surgery. The hospital will be located in Accra, Ghana. Accra is a great choice as it is in a safe country with a stable government, modern infrastructure, and good transportation.
      This surgical hospital will serve as a center where surgeons and nurses from the region can be trained while also providing highly specialized surgical care. The need for this facility is tremendous. Training surgeons locally in the region by world experts in a well-equipped facility is the way to sustainably improve healthcare delivery in Africa.


Surgical hospital design by IB-Federlein

    1. Architectural design by IB-Federlein
  1. Organizing and implementing missions to Balfate, Honduras as part of the University of Washington team.
  2. Continual development of the UW Fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery and Global Health. In addition to working on global surgical missions, the fellows will manage our blog on global health and develop a research project and publication in the area of the global burden of surgical disease.
  3. Develop a program for a twinning program between the Larrabee Center Seattle and Hangzhou China- the program of Dr. Sufan Wu. Continue the educational exchanges and mutual teaching.
  4. Provide more information to facilitate access to our program of pro-bono surgery for the victims of domestic violence.
Global Surgical Outreach is a 501(c)3 and tax-deductible donations can be made at the website or by sending funds to the Larrabee Center, 600 Broadway, # 280, Seattle, WA 98122, Attn: Amy.

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