How long do the results of dermal fillers last?

Copy of iStock 514880097 1When it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to restore youthful-looking skin, there is only so much that over-the-counter skincare products can achieve. As patients find these products to be less successful, they start considering alternative options available to them to turn back the hands of time. For some patients, they may think about the benefits of plastic surgery, but later find that a less invasive solution is available. This solution is that of dermal fillers. 

If you are considering dermal filers, you will often have questions for your doctor, including questions about how long the results will last, which one to choose, and any potential risks that are involved in routine cosmetic injectables. This blog can help you in answering those questions and many more! 

What is the goal of a dermal filler? 

The process of aging causes the natural loss of elasticity in the skin due to a drop in collagen and elastin stores. This elasticity can contribute to fine lines and wrinkles over time that can make patients look older than they really are. Dermal fillers work by adding volume directly into these lines and wrinkles to smooth them out and make them much less apparent. 

Are dermal fillers safe? 

Dr. Wayne Larrabee of The Larrabee Center for Plastic Surgery only uses cosmetic injectables that have been cleared by the FDA for safety and cosmetic purposes. Most of these fillers are formulated with a naturally-occurring substance such as hyaluronic acid, while others may be formulated with poly-L-lactic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite. 

How long do dermal fillers last? 

Because of the way dermal fillers are formulated, the body will naturally absorb the ingredients in these injectables with time. This happens gradually and is often not noticeable until later on. Most of the dermal fillers used by our team of professionals will last anywhere from six to 12 months, depending on where it is used, how much is administered, and which filler is chosen. Our team can help you make the right choice in dermal fillers to achieve the changes you desire. 

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