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Neck Lift Surgery

Unfortunately, nobody can escape aging. However, thanks to plastic and cosmetic surgery, there are procedures you can have done that can combat various signs of aging. The neck lift surgery addresses elements such as skin tightening and fat removal around the neck area.

The process of aging inevitably leads to the skin losing its tautness and beginning to sag—and nowhere is this more prominent than along the jaw line and under the chin. Additionally, stubborn pockets of fat appear under the chin and won’t go away, in spite of your best efforts with diet and exercise.

Is It Time to Think About a Neck Lift in Seattle, WA?

Fortunately, the neck lift is designed to help improve those very conditions and reduce the signs of aging by eliminating excess fat and tightening the tissue and muscles in key areas of your neck.

The most frequent profile of patients (both male and female) who come to the Larrabee Center for a neck lift is as follows:

  • Age: 40s to 60s
  • Jowls have become prominent
  • Sagging skin around the neck

You may also want to consider additional facial procedures that treat loose tissue and skin laxity in other regions of the face.

Restore a Youthful Contour to Your Neck Line

Neck lift surgery sculpts your neck by removing the folds of fat that develop in the jowls, and tightening the underlying neck muscles that have begun to lose resiliency. In this way, your neck’s contours are revitalized, giving you clean lines and a youthful-looking appearance.

The truth of the matter is that a neck lift only treats signs of aging around the neck and jaw. As such, performing it at the same time as a facelift or eyelid surgery can be key to sending you home with rejuvenated results that are more balanced than you’d get from a single procedure. During your private consultation, Dr. Larrabee  will talk with you about supplementing your neck lift with facial procedures that can be performed in close succession or, if desired, in separate sessions.

While the vast majority of neck lift patients don’t experience any significant discomfort after surgery, medication can be prescribed to help manage pain, if necessary. Within just a couple of days following surgery, you’ll be able to move around, but it will be of paramount importance that you limit yourself to light activity for the first couple of weeks.

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