What is treated with the midface lift?

As we age, our skin becomes more relaxed and areas of the face may start to sag. This is especially true in areas such as the cheeks and eyelids. It can often give patients the appearance of looking tired or worn out. When these first signs of aging develop, many patients are ready to work with a professional to combat these changes and slow the process of aging that occur. At The Larrabee Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Wayne Larrabee and his team of professionals are here to educate patients on plastic surgery procedures that can help, including the midface lift.

What is a midface lift?

The midface lifts is a way of rejuvenating the cheeks and eyes without a full facelift procedure. It targets the upper cheek and lower eyelid areas to tighten skin and restore a smooth and youthful look. The treatment is best for patients who need to treat bags under the eyes and who have lost firmness in the cheek area, specifically the fat pad. It is much less invasive than other plastic surgeries such as the full facelift or brow lift, and can provide dramatic rejuvenation in a single treatment.

Who is a good candidate for the midface lift?

As with most cosmetic surgeries, it is important that patients understand that their case is unique when compared to everyone else who has had work done. A consultation and evaluation appointment with Dr. Wayne Larrabee is the best way to determine if this procedure can help a patient rejuvenate their appearance. The procedure is best performed on adult patients who are in good overall health and have specific issues including:

  • Sagging or heaviness of the cheeks
  • Hollowness under the eyes
  • Creases and depressions around the eyes
  • Prominent nasolabial folds
  • Sagging and loss of volume in the cheek area

Schedule time to speak to Dr. Wayne Larrabeem about the midface lift

Seattle, WA patients interested in learning more about the midface lift procedure are strongly encouraged to book a consultation visit with our team of professionals to discuss their process. We are open to new and existing patients in the area who visit our facility at 600 Broadway, Suite #280. Call (206) 386-3550 to request an appointment at our office.

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