Can liposuction be performed on the neck?

caucasian female with clean skin laughing with closed eyes and showing half of fresh orange while advertising benefits of vitamin CPatients who are dealing with excess skin and fat underneath the chin and around the neck area may be confused as to what procedure to request. Do they need a neck lift or neck liposuction? Understanding the difference of these services will help patients in determining which one is most appropriate for their unique needs. Dr. Wayne Larrabee and the team at The Larrabee Center are committed to providing a wide selection of facial procedures to help men and women achieve their desired changes. This includes neck liposuction and neck lifts.

What is the difference between liposuction of the neck and a neck lift?

Both of these procedures focus on the neck area where excess fat and skin may remain. However, these two surgeries work differently in helping patients improve the specific area. Neck liposuction is specifically used to remove excess fat from underneath the chin that might appear as a “double chin.” It can make patients look heavier than they are and also reduce the definition of the chin and jawline. However, once this excess fat is removed, there may be excess sagging skin remaining. This is where the neck lift comes in. A neck lift is used when there is excessive skin that may be causing the formation of unwanted jowls. In some instances, patients may have both concerns and can combine the two procedures for more dramatic results.

Who is a candidate for neck liposuction?

The best candidate for the liposuction procedure is a patient who may have excess fat cells in the area underneath the chin, but not necessarily a lot of excess skin. In this case, patients might want to ask about integrating the neck lift procedure during the same visit for optimum changes.

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