Enjoy neck liposuction as a way of addressing the dreaded “double chin”

cropped view of beautiful young naked woman touching neckExtra fat that develops underneath the chin and around the neck is often dubbed as a “double chin.” The double chin can make patients look heavier than they are and be a source of embarrassment for some. It can negatively impact one’s profile appearance, and cause them to avoid getting their photo taken when socializing with others. Fortunately, there is a way to address this unwanted fat with traditional neck liposuction.

What is neck liposuction?

Neck liposuction is just like any other liposuction procedure done elsewhere on the body. A tube-like instrument called a cannula is inserted into specific areas of the chin and neck to access the unwanted fat and manually suction it out. It is then sent to a canister for collection and proper disposal. The entire process is done under general anesthesia to ensure patients are comfortable, and continues to be a highly requested procedure at The Larrabee Center for Plastic Surgery.

What should I do about excess skin?

If a significant amount of unwanted fat is removed from the neck and chin area, it can result in skin laxity, or excess skin. If this occurs, patients will want to consider integrating a neck lift into their procedure. A neck lift removes excess skin from the neck and chin area and pulls it tighter for a more youthful, firmer appearance to the area. With both liposuction and lift, patients will notice an amazing transformation that can boost their self-confidence. It is great for individuals who have more moderate to severe fat deposits in this area and want a dramatic change for the better!

Find out more about neck liposuction

If you are ready to take charge of your appearance and fight against the dreaded “double chin,” neck liposuction might be right for you. Cal the office of Dr. Wayne Larrabee of Seattle, WA to discuss the benefits of this procedure. The Larrabee Center for Plastic Surgery welcomes new and returning patients seeking plastic surgery solutions at 600 Broadway #280. Call (206) 386-3550 to request an appointment with our team and get started learning more about what cosmetic plastic surgery can do for you!

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