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At The Larrabee Center in Seattle, Washington, we employ the revolutionary MyEllevate facial rejuvenation procedure. Using the ICLED lightguided suture system technology, a suture support system can be easily placed without incisions that immediately lift and sculpts, restoring that natural firmness lost.

Enjoy a youthful contour to your neck and jawline that lifts, tones, and firms without invasive surgery. This noninvasive procedure yields longterm, satisfying results. Rejuvenate your appearance with MyEllevate, and turn back the clock on aging! 

What is the difference between a neck lift and MyEllevate®?

MyEllevate is a revolutionary, minimally-invasive procedure for those seeking to restore their youthful appearance. A neck lift typically requires sutures and general anesthesia at an outpatient facility; however, the MyEllevate treatment utilizes localized numbing with little downtime or recovery time required.

Patients rejoice in its short duration as well as its natural-looking results! Many feel they look years younger after just one session – no incision necessary – all while enjoying rapid healing times compared to traditional alternatives.

How does MyEllevate® work?

MyEllevate is a revolutionary innovation designed to help patients seeking minimal invasiveness. With it, the ICLED light-guided suture system can be used with local anesthesia – placing sutures without incisions that secure and elevate underlying structures for immediate results!

Benefits of MyEllevate®

MyEllevate is a nonsurgical minimally-invasive procedure that helps with sagging around the jawline and neck. This minimally invasive procedure offers several great benefits –no downtime, visible scarring, or general anesthesia.

The MyEllevate treatment can dramatically transform your neck and jawline without surgery or lengthy recovery. Since the ICLED light guidance system is used, facial structures can be elevated without employing incisions. The results are immediate and long-lasting, and since there are no incisions, there is less bruising, swelling, and rapid healing.

What can MyEllevate® Treat?

MyEllevate restores sagging skin on your jawline and neck while treating jowls and submental fat underneath your chin, giving you an overall younger appearance and sculpted look.

How does the procedure feel? When will results show?

The MyEllevate procedure is a comfortable, effective way to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance. This treatment uses local anesthesia for virtually painless results that are seen immediately.

What procedures go well with MyEllevate®?

MyEllevate can be used with submental liposuction, chemical lipolysis (Kybella), and energy-based skin tightening technologies such as non-invasive radiofrequency energy treatments and treatments enhancing texture and tone.

What to expect before a MyEllevate® procedure

Before treatment, you’ll be welcomed into a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere while discussing any worries or desired aesthetic results. At The Larrabee Center in Seattle, Dr. Larrabee, a skilled and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, will ensure that the treatment meets and surpasses your expectations.

What to expect during a MyEllevate® procedure

Upon your arrival for treatment, a local anesthetic is provided to reduce any possible discomfort. Using ICLED and suture rod technology, the underlying muscles and tissue of the upper neck are expertly woven together – all without having to make incisions. Achieving rejuvenated skin this way allows areas to be lifted effortlessly with precision and accuracy.

What to expect after a MyEllevate® procedure

After receiving MyEllevate, you can expect to resume your regular activities within four days. However, during this recovery period, a chin strap will be worn. Swelling and bruising might occur post-procedure but disappear shortly afterward; mild discomfort, dimpling, or tightness may arise but should soon dissipate.

Frequently Asked Questions


Am I a good candidate for MyEllevate®?

If you are concerned about sagging jowls and desire a more sculpted look, you may be an ideal candidate for MyEllevate.

How long do results last?

The results of MyEllevate are long-lasting. Enhanced results last for five years or more.

How much does MyEllevate® cost?

The cost of the procedure is contingent upon how extensive the treatment is and the areas being treated.

Is the MyEllevate® procedure painful?

The discomfort is minimal. A local anesthetic is given to reduce any discomfort you may experience, making the procedure virtually pain-free.

What are the potential risks and side effects of MyEllevate®?

There are minimal risks and complications with MyEllevate. Side effects are minor swelling and bruising, which will subside within a few days.

How many MyEllevate® sessions will I need?

The MyEllevate offers quick and painless long-lasting results. Only one session is needed to get the aesthetic results you desire.

Is there any downtime after my MyEllevate® treatment?

After treatment, you will experience minor swelling and bruising that should dissipate within a few days. There is minimal downtime, and you can resume regular activities right away.

Are the Results of MyEllevate® Permanent?

The positive cosmetic results of MyEllevate are not permanent but are long-lasting, lasting five years or more.

Is MyEllevate® a Facelift or Necklift Procedure?

MyEllevate is not a Facelift or Necklift surgical procedure. It is a non-surgical procedure that does not require incisions or excision of loose skin.

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