Frequently asked questions about neck liposuction

Do you find yourself hiding from the photographer at events because of your double chin? Have you always felt as though your profile is not nearly as attractive as it could be? Are you troubled by excess fat on the neck area that adds pounds to your overall appearance? If this sounds like you, it may be time to speak to a plastic surgeon about the benefits of neck liposuction.

What is neck liposuction?

Neck liposuction is targeted fat removal that occurs underneath the chin and on the neck area where some excess fat tends to accumulate. This area of excess fat is often referred to as “submental fullness.” With submental fullness, patients will often complain of having a “double chin” and poor definition of the chin, jaw, and jowls. By performing liposuction on this area, patients can rejuvenate their appearance and eliminate this excess fat that is often a source of embarrassment or contention for patients.

Is neck liposuction effective?

Absolutely! Liposuction uses a special wand to suction out unwanted fat, ensuring patients enjoy permanent results. Fat cells do not regenerate, though the remaining fat cells can enlarge with time. This is why Dr. Wayne Larrabee will often recommend the best candidates to be those that maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, as additional weight gain can cause unwanted changes in the neck area.

Is neck liposuction safe?

Liposuction has been performed by plastic surgeons for decades to provide permanent removal of unwanted fat cells. When completed by an experienced professional, patients will have a significantly reduced chance of any complications such as infection or noticeable scarring. Our plastic surgeon is proud to offer neck liposuction with minimal side effects and a manageable healing process.

How do I get started finding out if I’m a candidate for neck liposuction?

Connect with the team at The Larrabee Center for Plastic Surgery today to request an appointment and discuss your options for addressing submental fullness. Dr. Wayne Larrabee accepts new patients at his facility, conveniently located at 600 Broadway #280, and can schedule patients for a consultation when they call (206) 386-3550.

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