What is Chin Augmentation?

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Feeling like you have a weak chin can really rattle your self-confidence. The shape and projection of the chin has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your face. If your chin is drawn inward and lacks fullness, it can make your nose look too big or create a weak jawline and facial profile. Chin implant surgery (mentoplasty) is a great way to augment and enhance this area of your face.

The Mentoplasty Procedure

An incision is made to place the implant. The incision may be inside the mouth, in the lower lip region. Some patients benefit from having the incision made on the outside of the mouth, beneath the chin where it will be well-hidden.

The implant is placed beneath the muscle, in front of the chin bone. It has the exact shape and profile to create the final look you’ve been dreaming of. Once the area has healed, you’ll have a strong, well-defined chin and jawline that is in better proportion to your other facial features. Chin implants come in many different shapes and styles (narrow, wide, sharp, round, conventionally masculine/feminine chin shapes), so you can be sure you’ll get the final look you want.

How Long Does Chin Augmentation Last?

There is no predetermined expiration for the implant; many people have these implants – and the results of chin augmentation – for a lifetime. The only reason you’d need to have a revision surgery is if some complication occurred, or you wanted to electively remove the implant. Unlike breast implants, chin implants are solid: They do not contain a liquid or gel-like material. Therefore, it’s almost impossible for them to rupture and they won’t leak. The solid implant holds up well over the course of many years, barring an unforeseen injury or trauma to the area.

What Does a Chin Implant Feel Like?

When placed by an experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Wayne Larrabee, your augmented chin will feel completely natural. You won’t be able to feel the implant beneath your facial tissue; and the way Dr. Larrabee creates the pocket in which it is placed, the implant won’t move around or shift.

Arrange a Consultation

The only way to know if you are a good candidate for chin augmentation is to arrange a consultation with Dr. Larrabee. A doctor with extensive experience in procedures involving facial anatomy, Dr. Larrabee can determine the most flattering approach to enhancing your facial profile and jaw shape. Please contact us to arrange a consultation in Seattle.

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